2 Above & right: The frameless cabinetry shows the Savannah Maple door style with raised slab drawer fronts in the Nutmeg Fudge stain & glaze finish. The island shows the Savannah door style in Maple with the Limestone paint and glaze finish. The custom designed extractor hood fan cabinet stands proudly above the adjacent glass door cabinets. The professional series range is flanked by our turned Ionian legs. This kitchen is trimmed out with a three-piece crown molding stack and an understated light valance, providing generous amounts of well deserved elegance to your home. 3
4 Above & right: The island and bar shows frameless cabinetry with the Chamberlain door style in Maple, with the Forest paint & glaze with rub off finish. The accent cabinets in the background illustrate the Crimson Tide paint & glaze finish with rub off. The top-drawer fronts are flat slab while the deep drawers are door match. The designer supplemented this plan with wood tops and copiousness amount of glass storage. 5
6 Above & right lower: The cabinetry style is Georgian Single Bead Inset Frame, with our Roxborough door style in Maple Vanilla Fudge paint and glaze. The island is also Georgian Single Bead Inset Frame cabinetry, with Roxborough doors in Maple Tarragon Fudge paint and glaze. The right top Wine Bar cabinets are Georgian Single Bead Inset Frame; with Roxborough style Cherry doors and door match drawers showing our Chablis stained finish. 7
8 The cabinetry shown on these pages is frameless, with our Cambridge doors fashioned in an Oak Chestnut finish. The top drawers are door match, Classic style while the deep drawers are door match Cambridge style. 9
10 The lighter cabinetry shown is our Georgian Ambiance Inset Frame line with Princeton Cherry doors in Natural Java, stain and glaze. The darker cabinets are manufactured in our Georgian Single Bead Inset Frame line with the Princeton style doors and drawers in our Tannery finish with extra heavy rub off. The stand-alone wall cabinet adjacent to the window is also our Georgian Single Bead Inset Frame line with arched top Providence doors in Champagne Java stain & glaze. 11
12 The exterior cabinetry of this kitchen is our frameless type with Chelsea Cherry doors finished in our Muskoka Stain. The island is a traditional style Savannah door in Cherry with our Cocoa Bean paint & glaze finish with rub off. 13
14 The contemporary cabinetry show on these pages is our New Haven doors style; the wood species is Wenge finished Natural. The accent wood on the ends of the island and the base cabinet surrounds is Rosewood also in a Natural finish. 15
16 Above: This frameless cabinetry shows the Salem door style in Flat Cut Maple with a Natural finish. The above cabinet is a media base cabinet elevated on contemporary aluminum legs. The drawers are Natural Rosewood, encased in a custom surrounding of Natural Wenge. 17
18 The Transitional / Contemporary frameless cabinetry shown on these two pages is the Seville door style made of Cherry finished in Muskoka Java stain & glaze. The top drawers are the Chelsea style, while the deep drawers are the Seville door match type. 19
20 The cabinetry shown in these three photographs is our frameless type. The door style is Kingston, the Species is MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), & the finish is Antique white paint. 21
22 The perimeter frameless cabinetry shown in the photograph above and in the right top photograph is the Savannah door style in Maple, finished in the Limestone paint and glaze finish. The island is also frameless cabinetry in the Savannah door style in Maple with the Tannery paint and glaze finish with rub off. The Butler’s Pantry cabinetry is our Georgian Single Bead Inset Frame line with Savannah doors in a combination of Limestone and Tannery, two tone finishes. 23
24 Above is a two-tone kitchen combining our Georgian Single Bead Inset Frame line in stained and painted finishes. The Cherry cabinetry has doors in the Cartier style, stained Muskoka Java. The paint and glaze cabinets are the Normandy MDF style finished in the Vanilla Fudge paint and glaze finish. The above entertainment center is frameless Maple cabinetry in the Kensington door style finished in Nutmeg Fudge stain & glaze. It is accented by intricate lattice work, fluted pilasters, furniture baseboard, and a double crown moulding stack. 25

26 The award winning designer of this kitchen has chosen an “Arts and Crafts” motif using frameless style cabinetry, Mission Maple doors in our Brandied Peach stain & glaze finish. The designer has opted for an increased door rail width and door matched drawer fronts. The 48” range base has a custom designed pot rack mounted to flat pilasters. A quiet corner library has been thoughtfully implemented into the layout providing a location for quiet reflection while a desk has been incorporated into the working island for today’s busy lifestyle. 27
28 Cherry has been selected in the Chestnut stained finish to exude a masculine sense of confidence. The inlaid leather on the desk is perfectly framed by an ogee edged cherry moulding. The cabinetry is finished off with a large crown moulding stack including both a dentil and a fluted fascia mould. 29
30 This grand office commands respect. The frameless cabinetry has Savannah Cherry doors finished in Chablis Java stain & glaze. The desk is adorned with a carved mantel piece and carved corner pilasters. The credenza in the background is flanked with Banderol pilasters, while the lattice doors conceal the contents of the center section. The arched display cabinet above is capped with a keystone and is supported by Reeded Pilasters. All of the cabinetry is framed with furniture baseboard and a build up of crown mouldings. 31
32 Above: frameless cabinetry, the door style is Roxborough Cherry stained Chablis The upper photo shows our Federal Maple door style finished in our Natural Fudge stain and glaze finish. The lower photo is frameless cabinetry with Cartier Cherry doors in our Chablis Java finish. 33
34 The great room depicted in the photo above and the Salon depicted on the adjacent page combine Normandy Maple frameless cabinetry in Antique White Java paint & glaze combined with Tannery paint & glaze. 35
36 This quaint wet bar has been designed using our frameless cabinetry; with the Viceroy Cherry door style stained Cinnamon Java. he criss-cross wine rack above is flanked on either side by glass cabinets, again flanked by our Ionian Pilasters. 37
38 The cabinetry above and on the adjacent page top photo is our Georgian Single Bead Inset Frame line with Kensington doors finished in our Vanilla Fudge paint & glaze. The bottom left photo shows a vanity sink cabinet with Normandy style Maple doors stained Chestnut. The bottom right vanity photo is our Roxborough door style. The species is MDF and the finish is Cappuccino. 39
40 The above and opposite top photos show a frameless Normandy MDF door style finished Latte on the exterior walls. The island is also frameless construction with Cartier Cherry doors stained Chestnut. The bottom left corner shows a detail of a Cambridge Cherry custom stained glass drawer base. 41
42 These two pages show Princeton Maple doors with a Limestone paint & glaze finish on the outside cabinets with a Kuboki Java stain & glaze island. 43
44 23. These photographs all show a customized Baron door style. The rails have been increased in width to give a more substantial feel. The finish is Limestone paint & glaze. 45
46 Above: frameless cabinetry Cambridge Maple door style finished in Cappuccino paint & glaze. Top photo: frameless cabinetry, Cartier Cherry door style Champagne Fudge stain & glaze. Bottom photo: Georgian Single Bead Inset Frame line Princeton door style, Maple species, Tannery paint and glaze finish. 47
48 Above: frameless cabinetry Venice Maple door style Limestone paint & glaze finish. Above photos show a deep drawer partitioned to hold bottles and an Apron Front sink base cabinet flanked with Ionian Pilasters. 49